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I'm the author of The Early Retirement Roadmap, creator of and co-host of The 2 Frugal Dudes Podcast. Once I discovered that I could access my long-term retirement accounts without a penalty before the age of 60 to retire early using my family's middle-class income, I never looked back. There are so many people that still don't know this is possible so I'm paying it forward, sharing my past mistakes and priceless knowledge I've gained over the years from my finance reasearch and college education to help more people retire early. I specifically chose not to become a certified financial advisor so that there would be no special interest to sell you products I'd get a commission on that don't put your best interest first. I call myself a "self-insurance" broker, teaching people how to save and invest their money to tackle any situation with the power of savings. I finally found my purpose and want to help you reach yours through financial freedom.

My family had $80,000 in consumer debt that we were able to pay off in just over one year and now compound interest makes us tens of thousands of dollars per year in passive income. We were living the typical American dream we're supposed to live before we broke out of the mold and took our time back.

My Story:

The 2 Frugal Dudes Podcast

Put Your Money to Work!

Your time on this earth is too precious to trade for building your employer's dreams instead of your own. The Early Retirement Roadmap is straight-up, priceless knowledge to get your life on autopilot towards retirement, faster.

  • Learn how to invest your money using a portfolio that works for your goals.
  • Realize how you can retire early with middle-class savings.
  • Free up more time for the special moments and never miss another dinner, birthday, wedding, birth or funeral again.
  • Undergoe the lifestyle transformation for a debt-free, rich life.

This isn't a get rich quick scheme, it's the opportunity every person is given through the choices they make with their personal finances. Every decision you make in your life somehow affects your retirement and my goal is to teach you how to understand the impact of those decisions against living out your true purpose in life. Becoming rich is completely obtainable with your savings. I know because we've setup our life to retire millionaires in our 30's with a middle-class income. Even if you're not in your younger years anymore, early retirement doesn't have to be an extremely low age but it still can be much earlier than you're already on track for.

  • No inheritance neccessary
  • No successful business required
  • No eating rice and beans

Personal Finance is Too Personal

No financial advisor, robo or human, will ever be able to fully understand your unique situation. You have to educate yourself to manage your own personal finances or accept the fact that you'll have to work longer and let other people benefit from the compound interest on your hard-earned savings.

A sound investment plan doesn't take much to manage, spending a few minutes each month just moving around your money. Build a plan you fully understand instead of not knowing exactly what is happening with your money. You spent your priceless time that you can never get back in exchange for your money and can learn the steps to manage it yourself to sleep at night knowing you've done everything you can to achieve your financial goals. No one knows your life, better than you. Erase the thoughts of wanting someone else to manage your money for you and start making money in your sleep.

You've Already Waited Too Long

There can't be another day that goes by to wait on educating yourself about the money you're saving and spending. Every day you wait could translate to extra years in retirement and thousands of dollars lost from procrastination. Your future self needs you to start now! it doesn't matter if you're a little behind already, you have to plant the seed as early as possible instead of continuing to pro-long your retirement.

You will learn ways to better manage your money which will inevitably lead to early retirement. How can it not? The sooner you start, the sooner you'll retire.

I Don't Like Fancy Jargon

Big words suck, especially with your finances. There are a lot of confusing financial terms that cause a lot of people to let "professionals" figure them out, costing the average person thousands of dollars in fees from the confusion they've placed in the industry. Luckily, I hate fancy jargon and try to translate everything I can into layman terms because that's the way I talk anyways and want to make managing money possible for everyone. I love simplifying complex topics and sharing stories in my life for you to relate to, hopefully clearing through the clutter. My goal is to make managing your personal finances simple and fun, not scary and confusing.

You CAN Take Your Life Back

I don't care where you are in your life, you own it and you can change it. There is no hole too deep that you can't get out of. I know people that were in debt so high between payday and title loans with no hope at all and they were able to climb their way out and now set their lives up to retire early. Don't think you can't either, I'm here to help as one middle-class person to another.

I accept you wherever you are and want to help move you to where you want to be, faster. Don't feel embarrassed, I've made mistakes too as you'll find out in my story. Some things we just have to learn the hard way but learning from those experiences and using them as motivation throughout the journey ahead will eventually get you to your goal. Just keep swimming...

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The 4-Step Process to Early Retirement

STEP #1: Understand What Retirement Means to YOU

Chapter 1: What Do You Look Forward to in Retirement?

Chapter 2: There Are No Real Get Rich Quick Schemes

Chapter 3: Enjoy the Journey

STEP #2: Tracking Your Money

Chapter 4: How Much Are You Worth?

Chapter 5: Budgeting for Retirement

Chapter 6: Regularly Review Your Spending

STEP #3: Overhauling Your Expenses

Chapter 7: Reducing Complexity in Your Life

Chapter 8: Category by Category Improvements

Chapter 9: Let’s Talk Insurance

STEP #4: Directing Your Savings

Chapter 10: Building Up a Cash Buffer

Chapter 11: Tackling Debt

Chapter 12: Investing Your Savings

Chapter 13: To Retirement and Beyond

What Other People Are Saying

"Early Retirement or Retirement planning does not have to be difficult. Sean's book simplifies steps you can take to build savings that you think you already know, but you really don't." -Joe Hill

"Sean has helped kick start my interest in financial independence. Since I started listening to his podcast, I've overhauled my long term financial goals and gained a better understanding about how today's actions affect tomorrow." -Larry Burris

"I've known Sean for quite a few years, and the one thing I know is that he wouldn't have done any of this if he didn't believe in it himself - let alone follow his own guidance! Sean has put a lot of research, thought, and time into this book, and if you're looking for guidance on retiring early...start here!" -Eric McBride

"Awesome book. Lots of great tips. I especially like the 'Learn from My Story' sections. I feel like I know you better. Congrats!" -Michael Carter

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