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Time and Freedom to...

  • Leave the 40-hour work week.
  • Never miss another dinner from overtime.
  • Be there when your friend needs to talk.
  • Explore a whole new world.
  • Attend every family reunion.
  • Bring your ideas to life.
  • Find the perfect job.


...because time is something you can never get back. Create the financial freedom to do what you love doing, whenever you love doing it.

The Early Retirement Roadmap Book Cover

Sean setup his life to retire early. Have you?

The Early Retirement Roadmap is straight-up, priceless knowledge to get your life on autopilot towards retirement, faster. Sean Merron, the creator of and co-host of The 2 Frugal Dudes Podcast shares everything he's learned from his research and life mistakes so you can get on track.

You'll learn how to figure out what retirement means to you and the benefits of having early retirement as a passive income backup plan to give you the freedom to do what you love, when you love doing it. This jam packed book will teach you how to track your money, tackle debt and invest, tapping into the power of compound interest to pursue your financial dreams. The longer you wait to make the changes in your life, the longer you'll have to work. Let's get started!

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Life is always changing so we got your back. If we release any updates to the roadmap, you'll have access to the new content at no extra charge.

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If you don't save the amount of your purchase from putting the information to work in your life, we'll give you your money back.

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You'll find a monthly checklist in the back of the book you can use as a quick reference for applying the information in the book.


Financial Tune-Up Consultations

Whether you’re paying off debt, starting a budget or investing for retirement, a financial tune-up could speed up the process or give you the validation you need for your plan.

During our time together, we’ll walk through the Financial Tune-Up worksheet to get a clear understanding of where you are today and come up with a confidential plan to improve your financial situation. We’ll even estimate when you could retire, because most people don’t even know!

You’ll also get a copy of my book, The Early Retirement Roadmap in both electronic and audio formats, access to a private chat room and a video I created on how to start a budget. I also allow up to 2 follow up calls within 30 days of our appointment.

After payment is received, I will reach out to schedule your one hour consultation. The consultation can be performed over the phone, Skype or in person if located in Austin, TX.

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Financial Literacy Training

This training is a third-party service where we review employee benefits (if any) and then educate your employees on their options plus teach them how to pay off debt, live within their means, start a budget, setup emergency plans, evaluate insurance options and invest for retirement. It's perfectly fine if you don't offer any benefits at all, employees still need financial education.

Employees that are not educated to handle their finances could be losing thousands of dollars and at risk of financial ruin. Do a service for your employees and their families by giving them the bonus of financial literacy.

The training is a one hour virtual webinar unless located in Austin, TX for an in-person session. $125/attendee (5 person minimum).

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The Early Retirement Roadmap Book Cover



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The eBook
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How-To Video: Setting up money tracking with Mint for Early Retirement



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A Consultation with Sean Merron!

Stuck? Need help getting started or have questions? Get the tools plus a one hour phone or Skype call with the author.



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The 4-Step Process to Early Retirement

STEP #1: Understand What Retirement Means to YOU

Chapter 1: What Do You Look Forward to in Retirement?

Chapter 2: There Are No Real Get Rich Quick Schemes

Chapter 3: Enjoy the Journey

STEP #2: Tracking Your Money

Chapter 4: How Much Are You Worth?

Chapter 5: Budgeting for Retirement

Chapter 6: Regularly Review Your Spending

STEP #3: Overhauling Your Expenses

Chapter 7: Reducing Complexity in Your Life

Chapter 8: Category by Category Improvements

Chapter 9: Let’s Talk Insurance

STEP #4: Directing Your Savings

Chapter 10: Building Up a Cash Buffer

Chapter 11: Tackling Debt

Chapter 12: Investing Your Savings

Chapter 13: To Retirement and Beyond

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